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Stone development

Ніша - продаж нерухомості
Проект – stone__development
Період РК – 04.2023 - 07.2023
Якісний сучасний смм супровід + ефективна таргетована реклама.
- Проаналізували рекламу конкурентів з нерухомості в Україні.
- Сформували тригери для креативів, які дають високу клікабельність
- Змінили форму лідів для збільшення конверсії
- Підібрали максимально релевантну аудиторію відштовхуючись від портрета цільового клієнта.
- За короткий час оптимізували групи оголошень та закінчили фазу навчання

Рекламний бюджет
1234,7 $
Кіл-сть заявок
394 лідів
Ціна заявки

Результат - Вдалося зменшити вартість ліда в 2,4 рази та маштабувати кількість лідів у місяць майже у чотири рази не втративши якість звернень.

soleks travel
Soleks Travel

Tours l Visas l Flights
Travel Company


Instagram profile design, 15 posts per month and 15 Stories per month for a travel agency in Kiev.

For 2 months of work, we completely rebuilt the visual content of the profile, created an individual, unique style. Increased the number of subscribers from 271 to 1500 subscribers in 2 months using various tools and targeted advertising.


Men's gift sets - more than 40 types of gift box fillings. The hook of the brand is that the gift must be obtained on your own using the scrap that comes with the set.

Task - Making an Instagram profile, 30 posts per month and 30 Stories per month. We make branding advertising by traffic to the Instagram profile for 2 cents per click.

We also carry out comprehensive work with opinion leaders from all over Ukraine.

The task is to make the visual content stylish, develop the page and raise its awareness.

Since the page is very developed, it has more than 70,000 subscribers, more than 10 sets are sold every day through Direct, not taking into account sales through the web-site.

Elite Boutique

Multi-brand women's clothing store

Period of cooperation - 10 months, maintaining the page from scratch

Estimated advertising budget at the moment is $ 250, comparing with $ 50 per month at the very beginning.

For 1.5 years of stable work with a small budget, we managed to reach 10,700 subscribers with stable daily sales.

Maintaining an Instagram profile, every day stories, complex turnkey work with setting up targeted advertising.

особистий блог
Personal Blog

Figuration of a personal profile for the owner of a webcam agency in Prague, Czech Republic.

Maintaining a personal blog in two languages - Russian and English, posting animated stories every day.

Telling about the specifics of Katya's work, life, various tips and her personal views.

MG Studio

Premium Webcam Studio in Prague, Czech Republic.

Maintaining a profile in Russian, creating stories and posts. Compliance with a unique style developed by us. The visual style of the profile was changed twice.

Setting up lead generation targeting for the search for employees in the city of Prague in the studio.


Turnkey professional kitchens and equipment suppliers. ️More than 1000 completed projects. Equipment for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, pastry shops, cafes

Task - setting up lead generation targeting (receiving applications from business owners), maintaining social networks Facebook and Instagram, design of social networks.
Achieved - a complete change in the visual appearance of the pages, the design of the cover photo and Facebook profile picture, 81 leads cost of $ 4 per business owner.

Grehori Textile

Production and sale of corporate clothing, hotel / restaurant textiles, brand embroidery, promotional products. Individual sewing of textiles.

The task is to sell popular items of goods, develop social networks Facebook and Instagram, revive the profile, make it realistic and interesting.

Designing a profile Bio, creating the cover photo and Facebook profile picture. Illuminate the life of the company and publish designed by us photos and videos of real goods.
Setting up advertising for lead generation.

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More than 3 years of experience in promoting projects on social networks.


More than 60 successful cases in various business areas.


EVERY entrepreneur is our client. А small shop with souvenirs or a huge corporation. We will help your brand develop!

We live for our projects day and night. At Knysh Media Group, the principle is to do everything possible until the result exceeds expectations. More than 50 customers who entrusted their business to us were convinced of this. We do not just provide advertising, but advertising that makes you fall in love and stays in your memory


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The founder of the advertising agency Knysh Media Group

Ideological organizer.

Targetologist, Influence Marketing Specialist

Shvydun Diana

Content Manager, Story Maker, Senior Copywriter

Solomiya Vavrykovych

Photographer, graphic designer, illustrator

Julia Senishin

Photographer, organization of image-type photo sessions / subject photography

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